Meet your team's new happiness tracker on Slack

Prevent isolation and build a happier team

Oskar checks in with you every day

A happy squirrel face greets you every morning to see how you're doing.

He shares your status with the team

Oskar is a real chatterbox. If you're not feeling fine, he'll let everybody know.

He helps eliminate remote isolation

His social superpowers help boost your team's spirit, and reduce the risk of isolation.

How Oskar tracks happiness in your team

Oskar has only one single task, but he tackles it dutfilly. Once per day he'll ask your team mates on Slack how they're doing.

He is easy to satisfy but can be quite persistent if you don't reply. That's because he takes his job seriously (like all of his non-squirrel team mates) and wants to make sure that everyone on the team is OK.

Oskar Dashboard

He shares all of the feedback with the team. Whenever one of your team mates feels a bit under the water, somebody can jump in and give some support.

That's all that Oskar does. Outside of his job he lives a happy squirrel life.